Descente is an industry leader in innovation, starting with the very fabric that goes into every ski jacket, pant and product we manufacture. A superior fit starts with a superior fabric. From 4-Way stretch to Descente's Motion 3D fit, the focus is on apparel that mirrors the body's every move giving you a fit and performance that is second to none. Feel the technology, feel the performance, feel the difference that is Descente.

4-Way Stretch

Descente's 4-Way Stretch fabric creates a superior fit with full range of motion, stretching in every direction to move with your body's every motion. It offers the perfect blend of stretch and comfort by combining our Motion 3D technology for lasting performance and is finished with Dermizax or DT 20K waterproof and 20K breathability. What that means for you is a one of a kind fit that keeps you warm and dry all day long in all conditions.


Matt 4-Way Stretch

A combination of flexibility and thickness allows the fabric to stretch equally in all directions crosswise and lengthwise, giving the wearer full unimpeded movement for top performance and a fit that is second to none. Finished with a Dermizax or DT 20K waterproof and 20K breathability, it's the ultimate quality for any condition.

Light Weight 4-Way Stretch

The ultimate in function and comfort, Light Weight 4-Way Stretch uses the same top of the line quality and flexibility as Matt 4-Way Stretch only in a thinner material making for a lighter, more packable garment. A DT 20K waterproof and 10K breathability finish for any conditions.

Powder Stretch

Powder Stretch creates a unique, performance oriented fit designed to move with your body. A durable stretch fabric, Powder Stretch offers the ultimate comfort without sacrificing durability. Finished with a Dermizax 20K waterproof and 20K breathability, it will keep you warm and dry on or off the hill.

New Glamour Twill

The ultimate combination of style and functionality, Glamour Twill contains a DT 20K waterproof and 10K breathability to brave the elements and keep you looking your best.

Perform X

This lightweight, soft, versatile fabric is the perfect blend of comfort and stretch for any condition and any ability level. Perform X is finished with a DT 20K waterproof and 20K breathability, giving you a premium fit that's performance driven.

Active Jet Barrier

Descente's own Active Jet Barrier is an advanced soft shell fabric bonded layer with a soft, breathable inner and outer surface, complete with a 20K mm waterproof rating. Soft Shells offer lightweight versatility ideal for both on and off the mountain.

Micro Tech

Micro Tech is a highly durable 100% polyester fabric that offers light weight, smooth feel, extreme comfort and a superior fit for every day use.

POLARTEC Thermal Pro

A 100% polyester velour that creates pockets to trap air and retain body heat in order to provide outstanding lightweight warmth. Polartec Thermal Pro is breathable, quick drying and moisture repellant.


POLARTEC Power Stretch

With premium durability and range of motion, Polartec Power Stretch utilizes elastic fibers in stretch construction to make a performance-fit base fabric that can handle the pressure of demanding physical activity.

Core Stretch

A highly breathable, body hugging 4-Way stretch material designed to mirror your body movements and keep you warm and dry without the extra weight.


A midweight sweater fabric that provides warmth, comfort and versatility for year round performance on or off the mountain.

Sweater Lite

With a sweater-like, soft-hand feel comprised of 100% polyester, Sweater Lite is designed to keep you warm while regulating your body temperature and wicking moisture away from the body to keep you dry.


Fieldsensor provides perspiration-free comfort with a multi-layer structure that absorbs perspiration and transports it to the fabric's outer surface for quick drying evaporation. Fieldsensor is used mostly in Descente T-necks to keep you dry and performing your best.

Stretch Knit

Stretch knit fabrics are soft to the touch and constructed to mold to and move with the body's natural movements to create a performance oriented fit.


Supplex combines the traditional appeal and feel of cotton with the performance benefits of modern fiber technology. Supplex is breathable, dries faster than cotton and retains its color.

Tricot Velour

A soft 4-Way stretch fabric that stretches with the body's natural movements to provide a unique performance fit and superior comfort.


Lycra's innovative design allows garments to deliver greater performance, shaping and superior comfort for a one of a kind fit.


Drytech is a lightweight, quick drying fabric designed to keep your body temperature regulated and wick moisture away from the skin to keep you warm and dry all day long.