The key to performance and comfort on or off the mountain is staying warm and dry. Descente’s state of the art technology delivers some of the best waterproof and breathable fabrics on the market. The waterproof laminate is applied when the fabric is created, unlike the competition, to maximize performance and keep you dry in all conditions. Feel the technology, feel the difference.


Entrant Dermizax

Entrant Dermizax offers exceptionally high waterproofness (20k), moisture permeability and low condensation. Its lightweight configuration and high elasticity are ideal for active sports and lifestyles.


DTL (Descente Technology Lamination)

Proprietary to Descente, DTL is a multifunctional, microporous waterproof coating that offers excellent moisture permeability while remaining lightweight, soft and comfortable. DTL provides a 20K Waterproof and 20K Breathability rating.