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Marco Odermatt

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Thanks for taking an interest in me! There's an easy way to get to know me better: take a day off, travel to Buochs, look for a luscious meadow or another lovely spot and enjoy the wonderful air and the beautiful surroundings. This is what my ancestors did over 600 years ago, settling as the "a de Matt" family in the canton of Nidwalden. Now there are almost 6000 Odermatts residing in Switzerland. Regardless of whether they are footballers, crime scene photographers or directors: almost all of them come from Central Switzerland. And all of them love where they come from. Myself included. It's why I still live at home in Buochs with my parents Priska and Walti and my sister Alina. Nothing but Odermatts!


Name : Marco Odermatt
Date of birth : 8 October 1997
Height and weight : 184 cm and 81 kg
Ski club : Ski Club Hergiswil NW
Hobbies : Sports in general (football, swimming, powder skiing), meeting up with friends

Results of Races

Five-time Junior World Champion
(downhill, alpine combined, super-G, team and giant slalom), Davos, Switzerland
First place super-G, Swiss Championships, Davos, Switzerland
First place downhill, Swiss Championships, Davos, Switzerland
Eleventh place, World Cup, super-G, Are, Sweden
Twelfth place, World Cup, downhill, Are, Sweden
Fifteenth place, World Cup, giant slalom, Are, Sweden
  • Result 1
  • Result 2
Seventeenth place, World Cup, giant slalom, Sölden, Austria
Twenty-third place, World Cup, giant slalom, Alta Badia, Italy
Fourth place, European Cup, giant slalom, Davos, Switzerland
Junior World Champion, giant slalom, Sochi, Russia
Third place, Junior World Championships, super-G, Sochi, Russia
Second place, Swiss Championships, super-G, Davos, Switzerland
Third place, Swiss Championships, alpine combined, Davos, Switzerland
Qualification to the B-team, Swiss Ski
  • Result 3
  • Result 4
Three-times Swiss Champion Juniors
(giant slalom, downhill and super-G)
First place, Oerlikon Swiss-Cup Juniors U18
Second place, Oerlikon Swiss-Cup Juniors U21
Qualification to the C-team, Swiss Ski
First place, Oerlikon Swiss-Cup Juniors U18
Swiss Champion Juniors U18, giant slalom
First place, NJR slalom in San Sicario (Italy)/FIS race

Interview with Marco Odermatt

Interview with Marco Odermatt

Q: What do you enjoy most about skiing?
A: It’s difficult to say just one thing, because I love everything about it. You’re out enjoying nature, where it’s always a different experience – skiing different conditions, different slopes, different ski areas, different disciplines, and every race is totally different. That makes it very interesting for me. There’s the speed as well, and you can always improve.
Q: When you’re racing, and you’re on the hill and at the starting gate, how do you mentally prepare for a race? Just before it starts, what goes through your mind at that time?
A: I do a lot of visualising, so I really know every gate and how I want to ski it, and I really have the line in my mind. I go through it maybe 10 times before the start. I try to keep some nice emotions, and thoughts about good results in my head. And in the last couple of seconds I’ll give a high five to my physio and my service guy, and then I’m totally in my bubble and watch out for the full-on attack.
Q: You are now a brand ambassador for Descente, and we’d like to ask you how you think Descente’s racing suits can help you with your performance.
A: The race suit that I wear when I’m racing is really one of the most important things. Of course, if the suits weren’t as good as they are now, we wouldn’t be able to win any gold medals, or podium placings, so it’s obviously very important. And it’s the same with our other equipment, like skis and ski boots. Everything is important, and if they don’t all fit together you aren’t able to fight for the medals. Also, with the jackets and pants we wear before the start – you have to be warm, but not too warm, so you are as comfortable as possible and ready to give your best.
Q: Now, to finish up, we’d like you to give us a short message for our team at Descente and also to all of your fans around the world. Maybe about next season and what to expect from Marco in the future.
A: I’d like to say thank you to the whole Descente team and all the other guys who are helping me. Living my dream helps me to get better day by day. And I’d also like to thank all the fans who are cheering for me. I’m looking forward to doing my best and keep trying to improve myself and show everyone some good results.
Q: Excellent! We look forward to seeing your results next season. Thank you very much.
A: Thank you.