Explanatory drawing of a person raising and lowering his arms


Motion 3D

Motion 3D fabric patterns are designed to mirror the specific movements your body makes as it moves, turns, and stretches allowing for optimal performance. All of Descente’s products contain Motion 3D patterns to create a fit and feel that is second to none.

Explanatory drawing of the skier bending his knees and back


Infinite Movement

Descente's Infinite Movement is a combination of Motion 3D pattern, 4way Stretch fabric, Toray Dermizax elastic lamination, inner stretch liner, and more to provide full range of motion for improved comfort, mobility and performance.


Streamline Technology

Three dimensional printed lines strategically placed on chest, sleeves and sides of garments to control the flow of surface moisture in bad weather conditions, and channel water and snow away from pockets and hands.


Breath Ventilation

D-Laser cutting with metal mesh backing allows air to move more easily resulting in reduced moisture build up around the neck and chin area.


Thermal Circulation System

An advanced ventilation system built into the interior of the garment to maintain optimum temperature and moisture levels. Internal heat and moisture are quickly and efficiently distributed, dispersed and vented to the outside of the garment to ensure a regulated temperature for improved comfort.


Inner Pad Hood

Pads shaped to fit the head inside the INNER PAD HOOD keeps the hood soft and increases comfort, but also protects the head from shock in the event of a fall. Even when the hood is not in use, the shape of the pads keep the back of the head safe and improve the appearance from the rear.



Developed to prevent excess snow and moisture from entering the hood, the Para-hood can be opened and closed quickly with a one-click-zip function. The hood keeps the original form while not in use, dispersed and vented to the outside to ensure a regulated temperature for improved comfort.


Smart Wrist Adjuster

A water repellent cuff inside a garment sleeve, with a meticulously designed fastener that comfortably and completely seals the wrist opening. It is very simple to open and close, and totally keeps out water and snow.



A new insulation material developed by Descente with superior elasticity, heat retention and moisture permeability properties. When hole-punched using a special technique, it can be combined with down in a 2 layer structure that is extremely elastic, highly moisture permeable and able to maintain excellent loft for warmth and comfort.

An explanatory diagram in which the Thinsulate layer allows moisture to pass through and retains heat.



The original warmth-without-bulk insulation, 3M Thinsulate Insulation is the brand trusted for warmth. This highly breathable, lightweight durable insulation contains a unique fiber construction up to 10x smaller than the fibers of other synthetic insulations, which helps make them more effective in trapping insulated air.


Thinsulate Featherless

An alternate to natural down, Thinsulate Featherless insulation provides extreme warmth, lightness, high breathability, comfort and resilience.

Explanatory drawing in which the Heatflex layer allows moisture to pass through and retains heat.



A blend of 100% polyester and unique microfibers that traps in air and reflect the body’s heat. Heatflex is a light weight, resilient, washable, and quick drying insulation used to maximize warmth and comfort in all conditions.

Explanatory drawing where the Down layer retains heat



Down insulation creates high loft clusters that trap air and body heat providing maximum warmth. Its light weight, high breathability and compression attributes, make for a versatile fill with extreme comfort.

Explanatory drawing that the layer of Heat Navi allows moisture to pass through and insulates sunlight


Heat Navi

This proprietary technology developed by Descente converts infrared rays from sunlight into stored heat, even in adverse conditions.

4way Stretch fabric stretches in 4 directions, allows moisture to pass through, and repels rain and wind.


4way Stretch

Descente’s 4way Stretch fabrics along with our MOTION 3D patterns pvide superior stretch for full mobility, performance and comfort. Try it on and feel the difference.



Traditionally, changes of functionality in different parts of a garment have meant cutting and changing fabrics, but with our new SCHEMATECH processing, changes to the strength and structure of the weave, as well as differing functionalities, can all be accomplished in one smooth, continuous process without any need for cutting and joining. When fabrics are sewn together, there is an overlapping at the seam, which inevitably adds weight. SCHEMATECH processing eliminates many of these sewn seams, which not only reduces weight but also removes potential causes of friction. This results in an overall reduction in the weight of the garment and frees up the natural characteristics of the fabric, allowing maximum freedom of movement at all times.


Lightweight 4way Stretch

The ultimate in function and comfort, Lightweight 4way Stretch has the same top of the line quality and flexibility as Matte 4way Stretch, but thinner, making it lighter and more packable. It has DTL 20K waterproofing and 20K breathability.


Matte 4way Stretch

A polyester fabric with flexibility and volume that gives it equal stretch in all directions, offering peak performance and superior fit. It has 20K waterproofing and 20K breathability.

Dermizax fabric allows a lot of moisture to evaporate and strongly repels rain and wind.



Developed by Toray, Dermizax is a soft, stretchy, nonporous laminated fabric with superior waterproofing and anti-condensation features. The outer layer stops water from entering, while the inner layer absorbs and expels moisture to the outside where it spreads and dries quickly to keep you dry and comfortable.

DTL coating allows a lot of moisture to pass through and vaporize, and strongly repels rain and wind.


DTL (Descente Technology Lamination)

A multifunctional, microporous waterproof coating that offers excellent moisture permeability while remaining lightweight, soft and comfortable. DTL provides a 20K Waterproof and 20K breathability rating.