DESCENTE × Kahori Maki Premium Limited Edition

The Japonism concept is a creation of renowned Japanese graphic artist Kahori Maki to express images of traditional Japanese beauty. In this special Japonism concept collection, Descente has worked with Ms Maki to combine the best features of its highly functional skiwear with these beautiful traditional images. A very special printing technique was used to make the most of color, and great care was taken with even the finest, even unseen details, to ensure the traditional beauty of Japan was given full expression.


Our all new Fashion concept collection is a fusion of Descente’s highly functional skiwear with a design overlay reflecting Japan’s traditional aesthetic – totally in keeping with our own long history of creative expression of basic functionality. In the lavish attention to detail that covers all aspects of the collection, from the extravagant new printing process right through to the smallest hidden fasteners on all the apparel, an air of classic Japanese craftsmanship subtly, but unmistakably, pervades this elegant, but very practical collection.

About Kahori Maki

Graphic artist based in Tokyo. Using plants and human energy as motives, she creates from one single piece of drawing and extends it to form a product or a moving image, evolving her drawing into a design of space. Besides her own artistic creations, she has also collaborated with many artists and corporations from all over the world. Recent collaborations with Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc. further advanced her creative process by venturing from traditional methods to digital methods of creation. The film work "mabataku" was selected as one of the Jury Recommended Works of the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division. Studied Fine Arts in NY following graduation from the Department of Design, Nihon University.

"From a single image, spaces, products, and words emerge. I always have a vision from the initial piece of work, which grows from a flat piece of art into an installation of light and imagery where the work fills and occupies a space, into a visual moving image that unfolds over time, or into a purposeful product. I enjoy creating unlimited forms of art from one idea." -Kahori Maki