Canadian Ski Cross Team


Ski Cross made its debut at the 1998 Winter X-Games, sponsored by sports channel ESPN. Dubbed “Motocross on Snow”, with its jumps, banked turns and waves over a 1000 metre course, it very quickly became a popular winter event. It proved a major attraction when it was included in the Winter Olympics program at Vancouver in 2010. In the event, four competitors jostle their way down a series of obstacles on a narrow course that inevitably leads to lots of body contact and thrills and spills, with the first two finishers advancing to the next round. Top speed in these difficult conditions can reach 70 kph, which means that in addition to speed, protecting the competitors from injury is a serious consideration. The Canadian team took to the new event very quickly and made rapid progress, built around strategic selection of members with a diverse range of competition experience, including downhill skiing, on top of a love of speed, and a never-say-die passion for a challenge. Descente shares the passion for high performance with these top level athletes and their coaches, and is working hard to develop products that will meet their exacting expectations.


2006 Winter X-Games, Chris Del Bosco, Bronze Medal
2009 World Championships, Ashleigh McIvor won Gold, after not having won any World Cup races that year
2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Ashleigh McIvor won the Gold Medal and became the first Queen of Ski Cross Winter X-Games, Chris Del Bosco won the Gold Medal
2011 Winter X-Games, Chris Del Bosco won the Silver Medal
2012 Winter X-Games, Chris Del Bosco won the Gold Medal, and Dave Duncan won Bronze Marielle Thompson won the World Cup Women’s Season Title
2013 Marielle Thompson won Gold at the Junior World Championships and won the World Cup Women’s Season Title
2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Marielle Thompson won the Gold Medal, and Kelsey Serwa took the Silver
2016 Winter X-Games, Brady Leman won the Gold Medal and Chris Del Bosco took Bronze Kelsey Serwa and Marielle Thompson won the Gold/Silver double
2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Brady Leman and Kelsey Serwa won the Gold Medal, and Brittany Phelan took the silver