Canadian Speed Skate Team


Speed Skating Canada is a world leader in both short track and long track speed skating. Year after year, Canadian athletes demonstrate their power and strength on the World Cup circuit and at World Championships. And every four years, the team shines on the Olympic stage, capturing more medals than any other sport in Canada. Descente's partnership with Speed Skating Canada has been instrumental in the team's success over the years. New fabrics and technologies, extensive testing in the wind tunnel, and design innovation help athletes push the boundaries of speed. Together with Descente, Speed Skating Canada is moving faster forward.


Speed skaters reach mind-blowing speeds using only their kinetic energy. In this race to the finish, Canada's athletes often come out on top. Canadians have captured a total of 70 speed skating medals at Olympic Games over the years, ranking them fourth among all countries. Cindy Klassen is the most decorated Canadian Olympian to this day, with a total of six medals in long track speed skating, five of them captured at Turin 2006. On the men's side, Marc Gagnon and François-Louis Tremblay hold the title for most winter Olympic medals in Canada, each earning five over their respective short track careers. Most recently, at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, Ted-Jan Bloemen and Samuel Girard won gold medals in the first Olympics of their careers. Collectively, the Canadian team brought home a total of seven medals. The country's next generation of skaters is already looking ahead to Beijing 2022 - and beyond - for their chance to shine.