DESCENTE's manufacturing challenge began with skiwear.
On the snowy mountain slopes, the wind blows and weakens the legs.
It drops the body temperature and chills the spirit.
We have created the garments that help skiers to be the fastest on the mountain, even in the harshest conditions.
To achieve this, we have sharpened the focus on functionality down to the smallest detail.

Our goal has always been to create eye- catching form

The best active sportswear enriches the spirit and maximizes the body's capabilities.
"Functional beauty" is DESCENTE's most important manufacturing philosophy, resulting in designs that bring about the best performance, both physically and mentally, for the wearer.
Igniting a spirit of challenge in sports people who confront the limits.
And bringing confidence and breathing space to everyday wearers.
We will continue to create as yet unseen values, cultivating the imagination and technical skills of each and every one of the DESCENT team, building on their achievements and top- level experience.
The ultimate functional beauty for all.
This is the mission and the action principle of the DESCENTE BRAND.